Governing Board

Members of the Lanikai School Governing Board are selected on the basis of their qualifications through nomination and appointment procedures in accordance with Governing Board bylaws and governance policies 1.8 and 1.9.

For a position description of a Governing Board Member, click here.

President Todd Cullison 277-5611
Vice President Phil Whitesell 261-8063
Secretary Judy Pao 341-4472
School Director (ex-officio) Ed Noh 266-7844
Member Brian Canevari please email
Member Espie Chapman 266-7844
Member Eun Strawser please email
Member David Root 366-5674
Member Oswald Stender  please email
Treasurer Kim Hanson  please email
Student Council (ex-officio) Any Current Officer
Todd Cullison, President LSGB
Phil Whitesell, Vice President LSGB
Judy Farnham-Pao, Secretary LSGB
Ed Noh, School Director (Ex-officio Member LSGB)
Espie Chapman, LSGB Member
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Board Meetings

New terms begin at the August meeting. Public meetings are held in the school library on the fourth Wednesday of each month. Meeting times and changes in schedule are posted on the school’s website.

The board may convene in closed session at the end of the public meeting to consider certain issues.

Time is scheduled during each board meeting for comments from the community. Requests to speak should be made in writing to the board president. As time is limited, comments should be as brief as possible.

Standing or ad hoc committees of the Board provide updates at regular meetings and make recommendations on policy and governance. Final decisions are made by the Governing Board.