Dear Lanikai Learners and Families,




I hope and trust that your summer has been fruitful and fulfilling, filled with family, fun and friends (note the alliteration!).  My summer has been quite busy as I took two big trips.  The first one was to Korea where we celebrated my father-in-law’s 80th birthday.  It was the first time for my boys to visit Korea and see the “mother country”.  It was incredible learning about the culture and history!  The second trip was my annual mission to Samoa and I was once again reminded to live a thankful life as I was inspired by the faith, hope and love of the beautiful people of Samoa.

For my summer reading, I enjoyed Five Minds for the Future by Howard Gardner.  Gardner is most known for his seminal work around multiple intelligences.  I felt that the topic is very relevant to what we do as educators especially in our ever changing world where our students will need a different type of skill set to succeed.  Gardner suggests that we have to tap in to the creative mind of our students, allowing them to explore and make connections to their inquisitive minds.  This takes a disciplined mind that is able to think systemically, but also ethically and with respect.  You may be familiar with these terms as we model, honor and celebrate our GLOs (General Learner Outcomes):  Self-Directed Learners, Complex Thinkers, Quality Producers, Effective Communicators, Community Contributors and Effective and Ethical Users of Technology.  I am proud of our staff who embrace not only higher-order thinking through an inquiry-based approach, but also foster a caring and kind classroom community of learners.

Strive for the Summit
Several year ago, we began our journey simply “coming together,” or E Hui Pū Kakou.  We then came together for a purpose to “move forward together” or E Hui Holomua Pū Kakou.  Now, we will be striving higher, striving for excellence.  A motto that Queen Kapi’olani exemplified was Kūlia I Ka Nuʻu or “Strive for the Summit” which was what she wished for her people.  It is a good model for all peoples and will be our focus!

In any high performing organization, we know that it does not happen by accident.  I want to remind us all that our WASC Visiting Committee commended us for a professional community that is poised and ready for “the next level.”  We have a smart and supportive Governing Board and an outstanding and organized Lanikai School ‘Ohana Board who have great ideas, resources and a willingness to do the good work to make our school great.

We have much work to do this year with our new vision and mission statement, Singapore Math and Wonders ELA Curriculum, Common Core State Standards and implementing our WASC Action Plan.  Together as a school community, let us strive for the very top with excellence, holding nothing back and giving our best.  This is what I am asking of the staff, the students and you as our school community partners.

This coming year also marks our school’s 52nd Anniversary!  Whether we have been here one year, five, ten or more, we should all feel very proud of our school community and continual student growth and achievement.  I for one am very proud to be a part of this special learning community with you all and cannot wait to see what other accomplishments we will reach this coming year!,


I look forward to working together, striving higher and ready to embark on the school year!

Kūlia I Ka Nuʻu!

Mr. Noh