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Mahalo for Helping Lanikai School Celebrate 50+ Years in Style!

Saturday, February 18, 2017 at 5:30pm

Mid-Pacific Country Club


 2017 Lanikai School Supporters

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 Johnson Brothers of Hawaii, Inc.

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John & Laurie Sawyer


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We would like to thank our greater business community for their generous donations to help support the keiki of Lanikai Elementary…

Sponsor List

Sponsor List

Sponsor List

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Vintage Lanikai is our Gala Auction event.  We know that sometimes its great to celebrate your giving with others!  This elegant event, traditionally at the beautiful Mid-Pacific Country Club, allows our adult community to celebrate in style, enjoying live entertainment, and shopping for hundreds of precious items donated by our generous business community.  This year’s Gala will be on February 18th – come help Lanikai celebrate in style! [text_divider margin_top=0 margin_bottom=0 font_size=20 font_weight=normal color=#676767] Auction Donations [/text_divider]

Our annual fundraiser, “Vintage Lanikai Auction Gala” was a huge success for 2016.  We  netted  $60,000!  We  dreamed  big  and  achieved our goal  to  outfit  every  classroom  with  an  air conditioner.  These results were phenomenal and surpassed all that we could imagine. The teachers notice increased focus among students and  student engagement  has increased  school-wide.  We could not have achieved our goal without your generous and unwavering support.  Mahalo!

Our success is due to the ongoing support and partnerships with our Lanikai School families, both present and past, community partners and neighbors.  Public charter schools in Hawai‘i do not get the same funding per  pupil  as  regular Department of Education schools.  Yet despite these inequities, Lanikai School continues to do more with less. Our Lanikai Learners continue to strive high on all state assessments, consistently scoring in the top quartile of all elementary schools in the state.  Our students win awards, scholarships and continue to gain recognition in our state and beyond.  Lanikai School is the first school in the state of Hawai‘i to pilot a Zero Waste initiative in partnership with the Waikiki Worm Company. The school is also active as an ‘Aina School through the Kokua Hawai‘i Foundation.

This year’s Vintage Lanikai is fast approaching and promises to be another year of celebration and success. Mark your calendars for Saturday, February 18, 2017! We are dreaming even bigger! We would like to install a shade cover over the basketball court to be used during PE classes, recess, and for school assemblies. The safety, health, and welfare of our keiki are our top priorities. Both the staff and students have suffered from sun damage and heat exhaustion. Lanikai School wants to protect our keiki from harmful radiation while allowing them the freedom of playing and learning outside.

The school staff, Governing Board, parents, and community have decided to make this shade a reality! I firmly believe we can make this important and worthwhile project happen. We are targeting $250,000 as our goal over a 2 year period. We are asking for your assistance to make this opportunity a reality. The increasingly unbearable temperature in the classrooms will not resolve itself on its own. With your help, we can provide our students with the very best of what a public charter school can offer – a cool learning environment! Please consider supporting this event through monetary donation or donation of gift certificates, merchandise, or services. In exchange, your company will be listed on our event program, website, and benefit from community exposure. Contact us at

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“Kūlia I Ka Nuʻu  “Strive for the Summit”

It truly takes a whole community to raise, support and set a strong foundation for our children’s education.  In order to provide a sun-protected outdoor environment of our students, this year’s special appeal for Vintage Lanikai is to purchase and install a shade structure over our basketball court.  To make this a reality, we are targeting $250,000 as our 2-year goal.  That is approximately $375 per student per year.